The Boo Hag

For a single mother, your kid is the air you breathe. For a young boy, your single mother's happiness is your very life force. When a demented creature straight out of Geechee folklore threatens your world, you will do anything to protect the one you love most.

Some folk tales really are true... 

*Drawn by Apollonia Thomaier

*Drawn by Apollonia Thomaier

The Story

The film follows Abidemi and Momma; a near perfect mother and son pair, who are suddenly split when Abidemi realizes that he is being leeched by the legendary Boo Hag. Momma doesn’t believe her son, and for the first time, she is realizing that their perfect relationship only works while they are in agreement. Abidemi is only 12, but he is the man of the house, and his desire to protect her trumps his desire to be an obedient son. Can he save himself and his mother, while saving their bond, or will the Hag siphon more than just breathe from this family?  

The Characters

The Hag

According to Gullah folklore, the Boo Hag is a skinless witch who lives deep within the swamps. By day, the hag hides from the sun, but preys on the life forces of sleeping men and women by night. Straddling her victims, the hag siphons their breath from their sleeping bodies, leaving them weak and dreary in the morning. This lack of energy can weigh heavily on the victim as the nights go by. However, attempting to resist the hag's visits is ill advised. For if the hag is provoked, and forced to stay out too long without her skin, she may just have to borrow yours... 

*Drawn by Apollonia Thomaier

*Drawn by Apollonia Thomaier


Abidemi Michael Jones is an eleven year old boy who is wise beyond his years. He lives with his mother in their home in Florida. Abidemi, (often called 'Demi' by close friends and family) is an intelligent young man who does much more than most his age. He handles the bulk of the cooking and cleaning around the house, and he generally picks up wherever his busy mother leaves off. Demi loves his mother more than anyone or anything in this, or any other worlds. Not having a father in the home means Demi is the man of the house. Despite still being very young, Abidemi fully understands this and is always prepared to step up when things get tough. Abidemi is no ordinary child...

*Drawn by Apollonia Thomaier

*Drawn by Apollonia Thomaier


Momma is the most hard working, caring and attentive mother you could ever imagine. Her son is her life, plain and simple. She works many jobs in order to provide for her son the life that she and her husband always wanted to give him. Like all Black mothers, she is loving but demands respect. This is almost never a problem between them though. It has just been the two of them since Demi was born, and their house runs like a well oiled machine. She's never had to ask Demi to do something that was important. She's never really had to discipline him much either. He has always done as he was told and more, and so far, his choices have always been helpful and agreeable...

About The Production

The Boo Hag is a mature animated film. Unlike much of the current American market, our film strives to tell an engaging and realistic story no matter how dark it has to get. Our team is seeking to achieve a unique sense of realism that is rarely reached with animation. In addition to rendering in cinema-scope, we're utilizing complex camera motions to give it a very live action steady-cam feel for much of the film. We want to put the audience right there in the home with our characters. 

The screenplay for the film was written by William A. Rivers, who is also our Director and Producer. Our Art Direction is provided by the incredibly talented Sheena H. Wood, and our Post Production and Sound Design will be provided by Krys Moysard. Krys has provided sound mixes for a number of films produced by the Academy of Art University. Click here to Meet The Team.

At this time we are fully independent. We are always eager to work with willing volunteers and sponsors. Return often to get updates on every development in the film. Contact us if you have any questions or wish to work with us on this or future projects.

“Don’tcha be lettin de hag ride ye”
— Gullah Saying